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Home Improvements and Quality of Life

I’ll keep this short. These are the thoughts I live by when I begin planning a project. The main purpose of home improvement projects is to enhance the quality of life, your life. There is no reason to ever worry or wonder about the “next” homeowner(s). Worry and wonder about yourself. Make your home YOUR … Continue reading

What is Your Worth

When you shop for quality, do you prefer something off the shelf that anybody else can buy or wear or use, too, or would you prefer tailor made in which every fiber, fabric and craft of the maker’s hands are measured for you and you alone? Nevermind the expense, you only spend your money on … Continue reading

Best Dog Training Louisville KY

Best Dog Training Louisville KY

When we adopted a dog from the Kentucky Humane Society several years ago, we didn’t think we would have to also find the best dog training Louisville KY had to offer. I wish we did. It would have been as simple of doing a quick search on the internet to find a CPDT-KA certified dog … Continue reading

Innocent Child

a powerful place in this life is when we were an innocent child, at heart, at play, and at everything, encapsulated in a moment of our time spent here. And regardless of time, that moment, that child will always be who we are and will always remain with us. A place with no worries, no cares, no fears. Continue reading