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How to Read A Tape Measure

How to read a tape measure is quite simple, much easier than using a cell phone actually. And that’s okay, not everything we do has to be complicated. A tape measure makes everything easy when it comes to needing to know the measurements and dimensions of things. Some day, you will need to use a … Continue reading

On A Mission to Master the Craft

If you are new to the world of architectural style and design, you may have heard terms like Mission, Craftsman, Arts & Crafts, Tuscan, Roman, Gothic, Romanesque… Ooh, those are all pretty words, but what exactly do they mean? Well in terms of style they refer not necessarily to “style” itself, but more so to … Continue reading

Kitchen/Bath Remodeling Budget Guide

So you’ve decided to begin the process of remodeling your kitchen and/or bathroom(s). Whether you are just replacing the fixtures and cabinets with no extensive work on walls, electrical, plumbing, etc., you must have a plan and you must, must, must count the costs. I have seen and heard of far too many people, customers, … Continue reading