Is Melamine the Best Material for Custom Closets?

Before determining is melamine the best material for custom closets, first let’s learn a bit about what melamine actually is. Industries use the term to describe different products. Therefore, the word melamine itself can be a little confusing.

Ever heard the word “melamine?” What images come to mind when you hear the word melamine? For me the word melamine evokes an image of a type of sheet good used in the construction of cabinetry and closets.

Ever considered what melamine actually is? In cabinetry, the word “melamine” is use somewhat interchangeably to describe a type of sheet good material used for construction of the cabinet casework. For example, vertical and horizontal panels, adjustable shelves, connectors and more. Other comparable material descriptions are plywood, particleboard, CDX, MDF and are used depending on the function of application in an industry. For example, contractors may use the word “plywood” as a general descriptive. Melamine itself, however, is a waterproofing layer used to cover a substrate material and is not the substrate itself. Melamine is an application to structural substrates (plywood, MDF, etc.) to make a water resistant, decorative, fire retardant surface. That does not mean waterproof or fireproof.

Over the years and decades actually, custom closets along with other rooms have become an essential characteristic of quality living. Each room in a home serves an important purpose in all aspects of our humanness. When it comes to the spaces we dwell in, we are literally surrounded by the entire world as it relates to the materials used to create those spaces. As for closets, it is the closet that is usually the first room we enter daily as we transition into the role of who we are. A closet could very well be the side of a bed. For the purpose here, the word “closet” refers to a separate room specific to clothing storage and wardrobe function.

What makes up a closet? What materials are used to construct those closets? More precisely what is a custom closet made of in modern times, circa 2023?

How Long Does Melamine Last in Custom Closets

Because manufacturing products used and application processes differ, I don’t think this question can be answered in one, single sentence. Just like anything else, the quality and longevity of a melamine product depends of the quality of the processor and the process of the making. That said, before developing a realistic answer to this question, first we need to know what melamine is and where it came from and what it purpose is.

What is Melamine

Think plastic. Melamine is an chemical used in the process of making of plastics.

Melamine in Sheet Goods Manufacture

In the construction of sheet goods, melamine is the outermost, plasticized layer that gives the product water resistance. Melamine itself, therefore, is a material used in the lamination process. Laminated materials also include a melamine layer on the surface.

Stain resistant, scratch resistant, water resistant and fire retardant.

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