The Limit of FOREVER

Something came to mind upon my morning rise, the limit of FOREVER and how spirits die.

My life and company motto is “Built with FOREVER in mind” because everything I do I hope it lasts forever.

Every cabinet or piece of furniture or wood product we lay hands and eyes on was put there by someone, most of the time anyway. As for the tree that provides the material? The tree could have been planted by someone.

I study those items and visualize and imagine the spirits of the people who were INVOLVED. “Shh, don’t tell anyone, between you and me, I hear voices in my head, LOL.

I think about the hands that hung that cabinet when the house was built in 1909. I associate my statement with what FOREVER means in relation to the cabinets in this kitchen or that. I think about the people who made them, installed them, used them, then moved on. FOREVER meant something to those people whether they realized it or not.

Today I realized what FOREVER means, especially while I remove one thing to replace it with a new thing. I realized FOREVER has an end and spirits die. Essentially, when it tear down old cabinets, I repurpose them and turn them into caskets.

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