How to Read A Tape Measure

How to read a tape measure is quite simple, much easier than using a cell phone actually. And that’s okay, not everything we do has to be complicated. A tape measure makes everything easy when it comes to needing to know the measurements and dimensions of things.

Some day, you will need to use a tape measure. For example, perhaps you are shopping for a new electric e-bike, like a Himiway Ebike. If you want to enjoy a comfortable ride, you will need to know how tall you are so you purchase the right size ebike. If you are interested in having a great and fun time with an ebike, click the ebike rider image in Figure 1 to order yours today.

Fig. 1: Heading out on a joyride on my Himiway Cruiser. This thing is fun and very stable!

There are many tape measures and rulers out there. You will want to choose one that is the easiest to use for you. Even though I have been using a tape measure for decades, I like to use a combination imperial (with fractions) and metric (whole numbers from 1 and up) tape measure because I use both measuring systems. Using a metric tape measure is simple because the measuring numbers are all whole numbers starting with millimeters (mm) and they go up by the whole number consecutively. In other words, 1, 2, 3 etc. Then there are centimeters, meters and all that, but we won’t discuss that here. Every industry has a preference and need for the type of tape measure.

So then, how to read a tape measure? It’s simple. First, get a tape measure. The easiest tape measure to purchase and use comes with numbered labels as shown in Figure 2. Then simply place the tape measure at a starting point and read the result based on the chart above.

Measuring Tip: Need to measure and inside-to-inside area, such as inside wall to inside wall? The easiest and best way is to measure out from both sides to a mark, then add the two together to get the best measurement reading.

Fig. 2: Basic imperial tape measure readout. Tape measures come with these numbered labels.

If you are considering carpentry work and home improvement projects on a regular basic, I highly recommend investing in a digital laser tape measure, such as a Bosch BLAZE like the one shown in Figure 4. I have one and they are spot on. Try measuring the walls in a loaded closet with a standard tape measure for a custom closet organizer system. Measuring with a laser measure makes it a breeze, saves time and delivers accuracy especially if you measure such areas regularly. Project estimators need digital, just sayin’.

Fig. 4: Bosch BLAZE Digital Measuring Device

I hope this article and I provided a solution to what could have forever seemed like a hopeless, daunting task.

Best of all to you and yours,


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