Wish I Would Have Done It Sooner

How many times have you uttered the words, “I wish I would have done it sooner?” Was that a truly meaningful statement, or was it just a mere reaction to a meaningless circumstance? Let’s go the route of really serious.

Converted my mountain bike to an e-bike.

How about some free accountability? I am holding you accountable to do that thing you wish you would have done sooner and I am holding you accountable to DO IT NOW. Waiting for another time puts it in the just-a-reaction status.

Make a spontaneous video and share it.

I am serious. I am holding you accountable to do what you said you wish you would have done sooner. Can you handle it? Great! Time to be deliberate.

I am your witness, a real living human being on the backside and frontside of this message. I also have a comment section, use it and tell me and everyone else your intention, what you are doing (not what you’re gonna do), and be brief about it so you don’t lose focus.

Forage for edible mushrooms. These are Ringless Honey Mushrooms.

Size doesn’t matter here. It can be a simple or complex desire or issue, whatever. Here are a few of my own examples:

  • Bake a potato in the microwave. Done.
  • Ride my bicycle. Started in July 2021, still doing it.
  • Drop my weight from 255 to 245. Holy crap! I went from 255 to 227 in six months! This stuff is real! You wanna know how I did? Communicate with me, I love to chat. My way can become your way or you can incorporate some of my disciplines into your own. Maybe I can learn from you and you can help me, too. Won’t know until you move some words and sentences my so let’s do this.
  • Convert my bicycle into an e-bike. July 2021. Did it myself. Would do it again.
  • Learn new skills. What skills Ryan? Need details.
  • Start making videos spontaneously. Played around on TikTak and Clapper.
  • Make my own decisions sooner. Again which decisions Ryan?
  • Forage for edible mushrooms. Done, September 2021.
  • Disrequard the influences of other people. What influences?
  • Hike a mountain trail on a rainy day. Not done yet.
  • Sit in a tree in the middle of the woods and watch life as I’ve never seen it before. Did it a few years ago, was very enlightening.
  • Turn off my cell phone and leave it a dresser drawer on purpose, at least for a whole day. Not done yet.

These are a few of the many things I wish I would have done sooner. Now tell me, what is one thing you wish you would have done sooner that you still want to do? Let’s see how serious you really are about it. Comment below or wherever my comment section is and let me hold you accountable. This is my gift to you. Want it?

Tell the world or keep it to yourself. Whatever you want.

I wish I would have done it sooner. Then do it.

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