Home Improvements and Quality of Life

I’ll keep this short. These are the thoughts I live by when I begin planning a project.

The main purpose of home improvement projects is to enhance the quality of life, your life. There is no reason to ever worry or wonder about the “next” homeowner(s). Worry and wonder about yourself. Make your home YOUR home. Your body is a part of your home. Nobody else lives on your body, why should you make them live in your home? Besides, you don’t know who is going to reside in your old home after you, but you can rest assured, they will gut you out and make it their own.

Make your home what you want it to be for you. If someone else shares the space, a significant other or loved one, do it together. That does not mean you have to sacrifice total independence. A few sacrifices, maybe, from each of you. When someone else shares the space, now it becomes your space, their space, our space. Respect and serve all three and live happily together with FOREVER in mind.

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