Thoughts on Purpose: Renovating and Remodeling

Want real freedom? Start with renovating and remodeling your kitchen and other dwelling place environments.

In 2019, I bought a small house. It is in this house where I live today and the most comforting place I have lived so far in all my years. The property is 3/4 acre lot between two large churches about a 1/2 mile apart from each other. There are three houses on one side of my house and 7 houses on the other. There is one corner house across the street with a large, open, grassy field at the side of it. The houses are spaced comfortably apart resulting in a desirable level of peace and enjoyment by all neighboring residents. Large maple and walnut and oak and other old growth trees dot the area creating a partly shaded and partly open area. Though the house is located in a large city, the surrounding area is less dense and evokes the atmosphere of a small town. To me this small house and property is a nugget of gold that offers all the riches of value a man could want.

Purchasing this house was a result of my life history over the past 30 years of living in the houses, apartments and rooms I owned or rented. After high school, I bummed the living room floor in a two-bedroom, downstairs apartment by the grace of one of my mom’s old friends. In my early years I lived in a dormitory on a college campus shared by about 12 other guys. After that, I rented a small, upstairs bedroom of a farm that had a personal airstrip attached to it. I lived in military barracks while service. Bought a townhouse in Las Vegas. Bought my second and third houses in La Grange, KY. Bought my current house in Louisville, KY. Oh, and, apartments? Been there, done that.

A small house provides just what I need along with a force to keep focus on who and what really matter most. Or, of course, you can choose to be a hoarder if that is your life choice; noone else has any right to label you or tell you what is best for you.

I have been pondering a new mental and physical health treatment for some time now. Only I know what is best for me. I have given others a chance to help me. I have people, places, things and pets who are important to me, but my health and fitness, focus and goals are my responsibility and mine alone, noone else’s. Nobody is to blame for my poor life choices. Having said that, I am again doing something big for myself. It isn’t the first time I have changed my surroundings to enhance the quality of my life. Truth be told, I help others change their own personal spaces (kitchens, bathrooms, closets, basements, living areas, etc.) to enhance the quality of their lives. To them, I am the best tool they have ever purchased and hired.

That is what I am doing. Once again, I have hired myself to enhance my own life. I love me. I love a few other pets and people, too; I love me first. That’s right I’m doing this for myself. Others may enjoy it, too, and that it quite alright by me.

Hmm, I think the new “kitchen” sink just got smaller. It cannot have anything left on or near it lest one can’t brush teeth, comb hair, shave, etc. It is actually better that way. No large basin to be left filled with laziness and nastiness.

Hmm, let’s keep going. No counters to be cluttered, either. Everything has to be washed and put away immediately after use. I love it! We only need one set of dishes and silverware for each of us, not eight, not twenty. We don’t have parties, nobody is going to visit us, no need to reserve space in our cabinets for them.

How about more! No cabinets with doors where stuff can be stuffed into like a trap awaiting an unsuspecting victim to open for a soup can to fall on their bare foot in the middle of the night. Hmm, forced safety, I’m game.

Well, hell, who needs a kitchen. 😏 How about a library! Yeah, that’s it, library. A personal library instead of a common kitchen will force us to lose weight and stay healthy because, Lord knows we can’t do it on our own. Time to show the kitchen what a TV tray feels like.

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