Too Busy for Me?

Too busy doing stuff for other people. That is how you chose to condition yourself. Sounds to me you think you have to please others to be happy (people pleaser), please others to get want you want (boss pleaser), etc, etc, etc. How’s that working out for you.Not that you mind, of course.

Pleasing yourself is not a selfish act, rather it is the most valuable aspect of life. Pleasing yourself is how the laws of attraction work (those who have more of what they want get more of what they want).

Sounds to me you think you have to do life for others. That has become your automatic, being a tool everybody else uses for their own purposes. Don’t get mad at me.

Root yourself wholly into you for a change. Expose yourself to strong winds so those roots grow stronger and stronger. Do it for you, nobody else. Everybody else is to busy playing for themselves anyway.

Today, don’t do a damn thing for anybody else. Who cares what happens to them, they have their own choices and lives. Be sure someone will say you don’t care about them in attempt to throw you off your game; just smile in return and go back to you immediately.

Now let’s see what YOU means to you. Here is an exercise (oh, yay, an exercise!). Get a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 paper to write on and something to write with. Also, shuffle a deck of playing cards and, not looking at the cards, draw one card and leave it face down, then discard the rest. That is your card. Don’t have one, go get one, do it now.

On the paper, write your eulogy. Do it now unless you want someone else to do it for you. When you are done, take a picture and send it to me.

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