Best Dog Training Louisville KY

When we adopted a dog from the Kentucky Humane Society several years ago, we didn’t think we would have to also find the best dog training Louisville KY had to offer. I wish we did. It would have been as simple of doing a quick search on the internet to find a CPDT-KA certified dog trainer to help with the task. Looking back, however, the fear of patience married with time and effort got the best of me. I only wish I would have known about Adrienne Farricelli’s Brain Training for Dogs.

I have had many a dog or 10 in my life. Let’s see, to some extent, whether they we my dogs or someone else’s dogs, there were many who had and have a place in my heart.

  • Duper the Doberman
  • Fluffy and Buffy Grandma and Grandpa’s poodles
  • Buddy the Shih Tzu
  • Riley the border collie and retriever mix I adopted for my son from Kentucky Humane Society, he was actually the wrong dog, it was the other black and white dog. Nonetheless, he was an awesome companion. He was certainly loved by his previous owner.
  • Lazarus “Laz” adopted from Nevada SPCA
  • Sassy aka Stinky the Pomeranian from a breeder
  • Rusty the toy poodle from a puppy mill at the mall
  • Bubba Jay the shivering Pomeranian handful puppy rescued from under a barbeque grill on a cold, snowy morning
  • The skittish, young Pomeranian boy wandering through our backyard, lost and starving and afraid, we took him to the Kentucky Humane Society and had him cleaned up, neutered and put up for adoption. Man I really wanted to keep him.
  • Ginger the Yorkie that belonged to my Aunt Jackie
  • Odie, Grandpa’s Chihuahua
  • Minnie and Molly and Minnie, yes there were two Minnies
    In a dog's mind, they speak English, too.
    • Pete the Dalmatian that belonged to my uncle 
    • Bella my mom’s dog
    • Puppy the Yorkie that belonged to my brother
    • Midnight with her black tongue that belonged to my brother

    Those were all the dogs who had and have some place in my life.

    My little blondie Bubba Jay the Pomeranian with a broken bark box says, “Daddy, I just want to have a conversation with you when you come home. You can call it barking, but I call it English, just like you.”

Lord help me if I try to train this little guy. He’s fidgety and only sits still if tucked deep in between my side and the cushioned arm of my rocking chair. So I have been scouring the web looking for an opportunity to take a stab at training him. A little, bit anyway. He loves chicken. And beef. And fish. And peanuts. Those items have to become a tool to get him to sit still. I know there has to be some built in intelligence in there somewhere.

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