Custom Oak Shelving for Records and DVD Collection in Louisville, Kentucky by Ryan Bruzan

A gentleman contacted me a few months ago and said he needed some shelving built for his record collection that he had been collecting since 1955. I told him I would love to build some shelving for him, but little did I know that the scale of the project was quite large. He told me he had a collection of over 10,000 LPs. He also said he needed shelving for his collection of over 15,000 DVDs, Blue Ray’s and CDs! Alright then. I supposed I had some work to do.

So we took some measurements, made a few calculations, grabbed some materials and stain, then built a couple of shelves for the man’s prized possession. I must say that a stack of over 70 sheets of oak plywood lead to a ridiculous amount of procrastination, but we actually finished the project three weeks ahead of schedule. Please enjoy my presentation of the final project.

To see more of my projects for your own inspiration, or if you or someone you know would like for me to build some custom cabinets and shelving in Louisville, Kentucky area, please visit my website at

Watch my video of this project here: Ryan’s Oak Elephant Project

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