In Pursuit of Happiness

‚ÄčThe purpose of pursuing happiness can be defined as an attempt to alleviate pain. Agree?  Alleviating pain seems to be endlessly temporary. True? 

The pursuit of happiness never seems to end. Once we accomplish the perceived feeling of happiness that we have been pursuing, how long does the feeling last? A day? A week? A month? A few years? Then what? Right back into conditioning for another pursuit. 

I don’t know about you, but I have been following that line, “hard work pays off,” for a long time. Has it made me happy? At times I enjoy the fruits of my labor, but the fruits and effects don’t last long. Fruits are perishable. If not consumed during their short harvest, they rot. Even if we store up reserves, the reserves get consumed by necessity and thus we search and pursue again. Regardless, the work to find the next fruit and the short-lived happiness that accompanies begins again. 

What then? How do I define and capture a level of happiness they remains for life? Perhaps not a fruit, but happiness that cannot perish. Where is that happiness to be found? What stony, thorny mountainside must be climbed to reach such happiness and can I reside there until my time here is fully spent? Factors throughout personal history and forecast have made it almost impossible to see such an infinite light. To what depths of my soul can such happiness be found? 

Here is an interesting answer. This is what Aletheia Luna thinks is that answer. In her report, Chasing Happiness,  Aletheia explains that “the search of happiness is the most common and pathological addiction we all share these days, and indeed, since the beginning of the human race” and that “the cure for pain is in the pain.” 

My know-it-all is busted, so if you have some resources to finding happiness, please include them in the comments. 

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