Home Improvements Cost vs. Value

What’s it worth? Do you think you would recoup a higher yield for a major kitchen remodel or a minor cosmetic face lift? Let’s find out.
Happy 2017. I found something of value and wanted to share it with you. Whether you are a homeowner, a real estate professional or a builder/remodeler/specialty contractor, this report is for you highlighting a variety of home-related projects and the costs and values that accompany. If you are thinking about doing any kind of home upgrades or updates and really want to know what your investment will yield, then this is for you.2016-04-02-18.49.43.jpg.jpg
Let me give an example. Since I specialize in minor kitchen upgrades, that is what I am highlighting, but you will find everything you need to know in this detailed, local, timely report.
All the specialists, contractors, realtors and professionals will tell you that if you want to upgrade the value of your home, it starts in the kitchen and bathrooms. No argument there, but what scale of project should you plan for? Gut it and change the layout (major) or change the cosmetics (minor)? It depends on a variety of factors, the three most important being your desires, where you live and how long you plan to enjoy the upgrade. Based on data collected from a variety of sources, the following chart shows an example of what you might spend on a particular project (here locally in Louisville, KY area) and what you can expect in return of your investment. Compare the percentage yields between major and minor kitchen remodels. These numbers are just examples.
Cost vs. Value
For a more detailed and concise report in the Louisville, KY area, visit Remodeling Cost vs. Value. Simply highlight and click your state on the map, select the Regional Data, then download your report.
If you or someone you know is planning a minor kitchen remodel in the Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana areas, I would love an opportunity to review the project and provide an estimate.
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