26 Tasks to Consider with Any Remodeling Project

Thee following is a list of individual projects to consider and plan for before tackling any remodeling project. 

  1. Room Prep (Plastic protection of doorways to other rooms and set up temporary kitchen)
  2. Demolition
  3. Carpentry –(Are there structural changes involving walls, doors, windows, etc?) Are we gutting to the studs in a complete demolition or just replacing cabinets and doing minor patching?
  4. Consider the age of the house, was it ever updated, and what will it take to bring it to code?
  5. Rough electrical
  6. Rough lighting
  7. Rough plumbing
  8. Rough heating
  9. Insulation
  10. Walls 
  11. Tape & Spackle
  12. Flooring
  13. Cabinet selection and purchase
  14. Appliance selection and purchase
  15. Countertop selection and purchase
  16. Cabinetry installation
  17. Appliance installation (setting appliances)
  18. Countertop installation
  19. Drill and Install Hardware
  20. Backsplash Tile Purchase
  21. Backsplash Installation
  22. Finish Plumbing
  23. Electrical
  24. Lighting
  25. Moulding & Trims, and finish punchlist
  26. Painting or Wallpapering

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