Call Before You Dig

Sometimes we have to dig trenches before they can be filled and used. It’s okay to dig and not know what God (or Fate or Universe or Karma, whatever you want to call it) might do with what appears to us as empty holes and ditches. I like to think that in order for God to do great things, I, by faith, need to act: pick up the shovel and dig the trenches.

We aren’t usually instructed on how to dig and what to dig, ┬áthat’s the fun part of free will. God wants you to dig trenches. Whether He fills them or leaves them open or pushes the dirt back in, that is up to him. We need not wonder why.

It is okay to look back once in a while. Looking back we can discover some trenches we dug that were filled with reason afterwards, after we thought it was crazy and foolish to dig them. One of my trenches was filled with a little brother who needed my help in his own life. The trench was filled, he was prepared and later moved out of the trench. The trench remained open, and if he must fill it again, he we discover more room in that trench.

Don’t ask me how many times I broke the dang shovel, whether by accident or on purpose. It’s funny how the shovel supply never seems to run out. Even a spoon works when needed.

Good day.


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