Inside Muddy Trenches of Small Business

Decisions. Progress. More decisions. Trenches. Age. Decisions. Progress.

Ya know, if you own a small business, especially a startup, you should be my friend. You will learn a lot. I uncover the trenches of small business so you can actually see how muddy they really are. Fifteen years went by so quickly. I started a business, established my goals, met them, then repeated the process time and again.

Nothing lasts forever. Earlier I publicized that I came out of my closet and activated my real estate license out of referral status. Some of my friends and followers know the challenges and indecision I experienced over the past few years pertaining to real estate. Who doesn’t experience that stuff, though? I found a brokerage that will allow me to build and merge into a real estate business within the time frame that I need, my own pace. I have already gained some good leads from friends and loved ones. I was going to wait until after the new year, but I am not a secret agent.
Some of you are asking, “What about your custom cabinet business? How can you do both at the same time?” Well, good question. I don’t.

I do all of my projects one at a time. I regularly work on multiple projects simultaneously, just like any other thriving business. I know when my plate is full. When I need help, I bring in other trusted professionals and outsource to top quality goods and services providers who are capable of teaming with me to get the job done. If I cannot deliver quality, I won’t attempt it. I have been doing it this way since 2001, and mostly all by myself. I wear 21 hats, while most of you wear one or two. I don’t do things by myself anymore.

Unfortunately, I am not Superman. As age and crushing weight take their tolls on my body, I have to transition to less strenuous activities. Enter real estate. I didn’t earn a real estate license just to throw it away or stand on a social media street corner, cup in hand (thanks to some of you), but here I am, as usual: WILL WORK FOR YOU.That said, if your need help selling or buying a house in the Oldham and Jefferson County, Kentucky areas, I would love an opportunity to go all in for you.

Please visit my website at RyanBruzanREALTOR to learn more. Everything you need to find your first or next home or contact me to help you sell it is there.

Enjoy your Holidays, have a Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas

Ryan Bruzan REALTOR

United Real Estate
101 Bullitt Lane, Suite 110
Louisville, KY 40222

Cell: (502) 533-8282

Blog: Ryan’s Real Estate Notebook


P.S. Thanks to everyone for your contributions to my success. Thanks for your reviews, your referrals and your business. Whether I can serve you again or service someone you know, rest assured:

Service with Excellence… continues! Semper Fi

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