Determine Your Customer’s Communication Link

CALLING ALL PROS!!! CALLING ALL PROS!!! Or texting, or messaging, or emailing, or pinning…

Whether your are a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting up, this will be a nice refresher to customer communication links.

You have been contacted. That means that you are now on the field and are susceptible to running the ball.

Determining the Link. Until you have established a routine for this sub-skill of communication, a.k.a. your introduction, this will remain elementary. Asking your prospective customer how they wish to be contacted is not really necessary. As a matter of fact, you will already know the prospect’s preferred contact method by way of knowing how they first contacted you. Respond via their first-contact medium. If they emailed you, then email them back. If they texted you, text them back. It is preferred medium. If your preferred method is something different, let’s say they email and you text, ask if it is okay to respond via email and then text that you sent a response email.


When? When should you respond? RIGHT NOW, after you read the request. Acquaint yourself with who you are responding to. Responding when you review the message will lock you in as being attentive to their needs and their wants, responsive to their request for your attention, and will enhance your projection of a desire to help them get it.

MYTH: A quick response will make you seem desperate. No, it will not. I have never received that message. Everyone responds impressively and thanks me for my quick response. Folks, it means the relationship.

Can you handle this task? If you do not OR cannot perform the services of which the prospect is asking, whether you lack skill or time, tell them immediately. Do not let prospect hang on sorry- I-don’t-knows. Ask for a moment to think of someone, anyone, who you are confident can help LEAD them to finding the professional who can deliver. If necessary, ask if you can call or text them back in a few minutes providing contact information to your source and your relationship with them. Then, before ending the communication with this person, ask them if you can briefly explain what it is that you specialize in. Ask if you can send them your information via email.

Voices. And something else before I close this deal. This is important and more real than any short group of paragraphs ever. Pick up the phone and let me hear your voice: the silence is restricting the potential for a healthy, strong and long-lasting relationship. You don’t have to be a perfect linguist. I’m not.

MYTH: It is not okay to make a phone call as a first response. ExCU-oo-OOOse me! Sure it is. If your house was on fire, would you want me to knock softly? Nobody will be upset with your response when they ask for your attention?

I hope my message will help lead you to becoming top class in your profession. Lord knows, we really need top class people like you these days!

Have a wonderful Day!!


Self Note: Wow! I never thought I could learn so much from my own report.

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