Last Thread of Hope

Someone close to me said, “I feel lost.” She lost her friends, she lost her job, she lost her dog, she lost her home. She even felt like she was losing her heart. The way it came across to me is as though being lost was a bad thing. Well, lemme tell ya, it is only a bad thing if you allow it to be. Beyond that, if you allow yourself to remain in a state of being lost, then perhaps being lost is right where you want to be, your predetermined destination.

Sometimes it seems like I am bonded by thousands of strings to the inside of a red brick cell, with no doors and no windows. I can move my body, but I cannot go anywhere. There is light, but no visual source. I feel trapped. I feel the capsule moving, shaking. A few of the strings break free, giving me ounces of hope, but after a short time there still appears to be no way out. I remain still, waiting for some miracle to take me out of this place. The room keeps getting smaller and smaller. I begin feeling constricted…

What I fail to realize is that I am that miracle. Something in my sense of lost had been happening to me. The room wasn’t shrinking, I was growing.

How do you become unlost? Growth. Patience. Observation. You change its meaning. You change your perception. Then you take action when the opportunity (like my message to you) presents itself.

When it seems you are hanging on by a last thread, trying to hold onto the old ways, the old life, the old you, the best thing to do is to disconnect, just let go. As you grow, the sides will begin to weaken, expand and crack. An opening will begin to appear. You will see that the source of the light was the light itself. The discomfort ends when you decide to break free. Force yourself through that opening and get out.

Being lost is a way to discover new things. What I learned about the room I was trapped in was a cocoon actually. And on the other side of that cocoon were new wings awaiting me, and they await you, too. Spread them. Use them. Ride the wind. Let the wind and wings take you to places you have never dreamed of. Go and go and go again. You do not have to stay where you land.

“Life is a journey, not a destination.” Ralph Waldo Emerson quote made famous by Steven Tyler of Aerosmith

Were you the person I wrote this message for? Fantastic! Do you know someone else who I may have written this message for? Please send it to them.

Good Day!


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