More Than Just Installing Custom Cabinetry

Laying out the plans, building custom cabinetry and installing the finished result is a fun and very rewarding experience. The effects last for years. The finished product becomes a part of life, of lifestyle, and of the function of living. But there is more to the cabinetmaking process than simply the obvious construction.Custom Cabinet Installation Challenge in Louisville, KYCabinet and Floor Challenge in Louisville, KY

Carpet issues.
Tile work.
Drywall repair.
Matching existing paint.
Flooring, wood, tile, grout, color match…
Here a dent.
There a ding.
What? I did measure twice! THREE TIMES!!!
Yes, project redirection and resolution without losing the designed effects.

You may have heard of a home improvement flatscreen show called Renovation Realities. Achieving your desired end result on time and on budget, maybe even a little over, must be tackled and completed in an organized manner, from design to final brush stroke. Be prepared to address surprises along the way. You can never plan for them, but you can fix them quickly and get back to the goal line.

Consider this the next time you begin a project. Ask what could go wrong in a general sense. Stay determined. And build your dream, no matter how big or small.

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