Goal: Met, CNC

(Based on a true story)

Dreams can become powerful. Only I can make my own dreams come true. Last September-ish 2015, I caught hold of a spark to engulf myself in the flames of CNC machinery. It became a silent goal to reach, a hopeful target at which to shoot at. I researched, asked questions, pondered and researched, asked questions and pondered some more. With enough attention, patience and proper breathing, I studied the prizes, both great and small. I learned about the wind and the effects it would play on achieving my dreams.

Months passed by.

A presentation was made somewhere about an open-source, affordable, entry level opportunity into the fire of computer numeric control, commonly referred to as CNC.

Long story short, about two weeks ago, the heat opportunity rose. I purchased a kit, a potential machine, capable of obeying my every-careful command.


It came in a box with quite an assortment of parts, none like I am commonly familiar with in my current custom woodworking and custom built-in cabinetry projects in the Louisville, Kentucky area, the familiar hammers, drills, drivers, saws and such. This one required careful assembly.

This machine is called X-Carve by  Inventibles. Please allow them to invite themselves, About Inventibles. They’re goal is a goal I personally share.

Now, off to make sure this CNC machine is on point.

Good day!


Just wanted to say thanks to the folks at Inventables for helping to make this happen for me. It is surreal!

Got my first booboo today. A small slice across my thumb from the stationary blade. It happens.

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