Safety First for Teenagers

A message for the most brilliant of teenagers, especially 15 and 16 year-olds.

Let me be direct and blunt. Listen. Do what you do. Nobody is going to stop you. But I urge you, if you want to lose a limb or an eye or sustain some other body-changing phenomenon, please, do it yourself. You know, like the lizard guy or someone. Do not, under any circumstances, allow accident to cause such deformity.

Go on, keep reading, I promise, you can make it.

Where I grew up, there were other guys my age, and girls, one with a glass eye, jaw scars, leftover marks from a cheek tear, quite a large number of them. A few lost their lives by doing something that their macho bravado personas with a fresh mix of their peers challenged them to perform. I did. Most often for no reason but just to say I did and for what? For why purposely risk my own life and limbs? For why?

Anyway, some of those survivors still walk this earth today, still with a glass eye, a scar or other missing part. Some of them would tell you that the accident could have been prevented if they listened to the advice that they were given, by those who had been there, felt it or seen it, rather than deafening there egoed ears to a lecture they didn’t want to hear. And so, they became foolish and lost. Yes, yes, they, too, turned their eyes to the higher side and gave a sigh of carelessness when a wiser person attempted to warn them, most graciously I should add.

Again, I say unto thee, accidents are accidents, but purpose is no accident.

Now go forth, live fully. Thank you for making it through to the end of my lecture, especially you, my son @cbskateboarding.

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