On Increased Structural Value

The purpose of this report is to reveal how adding functional storage and organizational fixtures can increase the value of real estate.
Hello. My name is Ryan Bruzan. I am a home improvement professional. I am a custom cabinetmaker. I have a real estate license (currently in escrow); I have a few transactions under my wing. Nothing to shake a stick at, but I certainly do know what fixtures can add value to a home or office. Organization, storage, functional and aesthetic use of space have been passionate career work for me. So let’s get started, shall we. I’ll keep it short and spicy!
When an opportunity presents itself, adding fixtures to maximize the functional use of space, whether it be to a home or an office or to a commercial setting, appeals to one or more of the sensual and characteristic values of the structure, for its eventual enjoyment, and can increase the estate’s value as a whole.
Case in point, I recommended to a past client the addition of a wardrobe in a bedroom that had no closet.


custom wardrobes add value to rooms

A naked room with no closet.

The footprint required for comfortable use and passage allowed the addition of a built-in wardrobe, 24” deep (the minimum interior depth of a closet with hanging space), and just over 8’ long of usable storage area. After our discussion, the well-experienced homeowner determined that the wardrobe was the perfect solution.

custom wardrobes add value to rooms

The solution to the closetless cavern!

custom wardrobes add value to rooms

Closet solution in the making by Ryan.

Later, when the house sold, the homeowner told me that the wardrobe had become among the home’s strongest selling points because it turned a mere room into a real bedroom. The addition of wardrobes increased the real estate value. It was because I had delivered a viable solution, thereby increasing the value of the home.
What I had learned was that maximum use of functional space with a combination of aesthetic appeal creates an impact on potential buyers that can cause offers to be made when a home is on the market for sale. Could it have been simply because of the addition of a necessary solution to a once barren space? It certainly can.
custom built-in wardrobes add value to rooms

Custom built-in wardrobe, a absent bedroom closet solution by Ryan.

I have been doing this home storage for a long time. It is my life, it is my passion. I love creating solutions that I believe will make an impact for indefinite enjoyment.
You have a nice house worthy of more than basic. Any future homeowner would appreciate that very much.

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