Pet Lovers and Carpet Floors


Apply an odor sealer before installing a new floor to prevent any previous odors from seeping through.

If you are a pet owner as I am, you know that when you are not around to let your pets out to do their duties, they often find a nice place on the carpet or wood floor to make a spot or two… or forty. The end result is usually an indefinite stench lingering almost what seems forever. It doesn’t end there, however, in that the wasted liquids travel through the carpet, through the padding and into sub-floors which often allows the stench to become strong, like ammonia.

Unfortunately, getting those stains and odors out with even the most powerful of suction devices doesn’t always work. That only means one thing: replace the floor covering.

Before replacing your flooring, ensure the soiled stain spots are dry and cover the entire floor with an oil-based stain blocker and odor sealer, such as B-I-N®2 PRIMER STAIN BLOCKER – ODOR SEALER or KILZ® Original Primer, and not just over the affected areas. This will ensure that even the freshest and least visible areas get covered. I happened to have an almost full gallon from a previous project.

Rolling on one generous coat seemed plenty, but allow the sealer to dry and apply an additional coat if desired. Let the sealer dry overnight and proceed with your new floor covering as planned. Have something to wipe your feet on just in case; don’t want to track oil-based sealers and primers around the house. Use mineral spirits or whatever the instructions on the container recommmends to clean up spots and spills that may have slipped past your careful eyes.

Have fun with your project!

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2 thoughts on “Pet Lovers and Carpet Floors

  1. Good information! Anyone who has had to deal with pet damage will appreciate this information. It’s not enough just to cover up the stains because you will be left with the odor. The product you use B-I-N, is excellent at sealing the odors. I know who to call if my cats ever turn on me:)


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