Work/Time-Efficiency: Where is it?

For Everything A Bag. A few tips from my own workshop. This is mostly for those with new plans or new workshops, but I’m sure even the seasoned pro can relate.

This is a really quick primer: NOT. Time efficiency is an important part of anything we do, especially in a workshop. Success WILL BE determined by time spent having to look for stuff, unless, of course, there is some form of maintained organization in the workshop. This can take several months, even years, to adapt, but it is IMO the most important aspect as it relates to productivity, profit and . production. This is true not only for one’s own progress, but even more importantly when working with another person, or team or crew or group or whatever. Whether the workshop is small or large, everything must have its place. Where is your time spent? Let me share some of my success in the workshop with you.

And remember, safety is paramount. You never know when your little apprentice son or daughter might wander into workshop curiosity.

I’ve learned that when I have a place for everything it is easier to stay focused on the tasks. Ease of consistent access to common tools and supplies, such as drills, bits, screws, sandpaper, pencils and notebooks, etc. has become a primary working condition; this is especially in regards to items used on a regular basis: ALWAYS .

Second, not so common but often used items like jigs, extension supports or routers should also be easily accessible yet have a home away from the working area, not on the table, in the walkways, etc. When using vertical space, small custom-made racks, shelves or cabinets need not be enormous in size, but must be able to bear the size and the weight of the items to be placed upon them. You will, in time, upgrade your working environment. There is nothing like that personal touch!

Everyone, including me, gets the best of my team and I can deliver. Being organized allows us to perform at such high standards and being able to perform like that is awesome.

Utilizing space for more than one process at a time is also worth focus. Constructing large cabinets hogs up an exorbitant amount of useable cubic feet. It is imperative that we keep our “Finished Worx Department”  away from our unfinished processes…

Short and sweet, these are just a couple of the working characteristics of our workshop. Use your own imagination for your own operation. Yours will be yours, not mine. We don’t try to work with what we need; it’s not there. We work with what we have; it is all ready for adaptation and active use, if we can find it quickly.

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